Mac Spam Hello Dolly Bars – 1st Place Winner

At our Washington State Fair, there are a variety of food competitions, and one of them is the Great American SPAM Championship.  There is a junior (kids) division and an adult division.  The theme this year was, “Super Simple Craveable Classics”, so I created a Hello Dolly bar cookie using SPAM.  I know, you’re saying to yourself, “SPAM?”.   Yes, SPAM. After dicing up the SPAM and cooking it with some brown sugar and maple syrup, the SPAM turns into these wonderful little sweet and salty crunchy bits.  I call it the “sweeter side of SPAM”.

I entered my Mac Spam Hello Dolly Bars, which won first place at the Washington State Fair today.  My recipe will now be entered in the National SPAM Competition.  I won’t know if I won the National SPAM Competition until February 2018, which is a trip to SPAM Jam in Waikiki where you’ll be able to enjoy my Mac Spam Hello Dolly Bars.  I attended SPAM Jam in Waikiki last May, and had a great time tasting all sorts of SPAM goodies, with interesting ways to prepare SPAM, plus there is live entertainment on 3 different stages, and other fun activities.  So, I would love to go back to Waikiki for SPAM Jam again.

Keep watching this webpage for the recipe which will be posted in the coming weeks.

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