Morning run planning session – Photo Tutorial

Hi everyone.  I went for my morning 5 mile run today, and as I was headed out the door it started to snow.  I wasn’t sure how much snow was going to come down, so I decided to go for it.  While on my run, I was thinking about this new website and how I can make my recipes better.  I thought, “why don’t I make a photo tutorial”.  So, on my run I thought about what photos to take and how to display them.  When I got back, I was ready to update my website with some photos.  I had fun taking photos while I was baking, taking pictures from different angles of the same thing, or taking close-ups, etc.  I did try to take some action shots myself, but my darling husband came to the rescue and took the action shot photos.

You’ll find the recipe with the photo tutorial under the RECIPE menu, listed as “Cinnamon Roll Scones – Photo Tutorial”.

I hope you enjoy these scones.

By the way, as usual the snow didn’t last long and the roads and sidewalks were just fine for my run.  I love running because it gives my time to think and plan without too many distractions, other than those pesky cars.

Let’s BAKE!

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