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Waffle Macarons with Maple-Bacon Buttercream

For breakfast, on most Sunday mornings before church, I make waffles, drizzled with maple syrup, served with bacon on the side. While having are usual Sunday morning breakfast, I thought about making Macarons with the same flavors, and make them even look like waffles. So, I came up with my Waffle Macarons with Maple-Bacon Buttercream. […]

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Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! Sticky Bun Scones

Bacon and sticky buns are 2 breakfast treats that are perfect together. Instead of making a yeast dough that takes time to knead and rise, I like using my scone recipe, to make these a quick morning treat. To make these Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!, there is bacon in the dough, bacon in the filling, and […]

Recipes, Scones

Maple Bacon Scone Rolls

Growing up I loved maple bars, and now you can get maple bars with bacon on top, which inspired me to create my Maple Bacon Scone Rolls.  These scones are tender and delicious, with maple and bacon throughout the entire scone. NOTE:  Use real maple syrup for this recipe Let’s BAKE! INGREDIENTS 7 slices bacon, […]